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Impress your guests and customers with beautifully clean floors!

Bright and clean floors will go a long way to providing you with a loyal, happy and enthusiastic clientele. You want them to be able to walk into a place where the only thing they have to worry about is what room to book, what food to eat and what drink to get, rather than being greeted with an eyesore because you haven't had time to clean your floors. Steaming Sam will have your floors looking shiny, sparkly and good as new, and for a longer amount of time, so all you have to worry about is attracting those customers!

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How will you benefit from our services?

Beautifully clean floors for longer

We don't just clean your floors to have it look good for one day, we clean below the surface to really remove the dirt and grit that are sure to reappear after we've left, and we employ cleaning methods that ensure your floors stay clean, healthy and presentable for a longer time.

A healthy environment

You'd be surprised at how helpful clean floors are towards boosting your and your guests' health. Physically, clean floors will provide a fresher breathing space and far less bacteria than you might have with dirty floors (no more worrying about the 5-second rule!). Mentally, well, doesn't it just lift your mood being in a place that's bright, clean and beautiful?

Top-notch service and training

Our cleaning experts are proud to be professionally trained by The TileMaster, and we use exclusively use their top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment for outstanding cleaning results every time.

Security in our experts

It's always a daunting experience inviting strangers into your establishment. At Steaming Sam, we have friendly, careful and professional cleaning experts that will ensure that not only do we give you the best results in cleaning your floors, but we also treat the rest of your establishment with the utmost care as we do so.

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What can you expect when you get us to clean your floors?

Our experts at Steaming Sam are dedicated to solving your floor cleaning problems and make you absolutely elated that you chose our services, and with our professional training and cleaning products and equipment exclusive from The TileMaster, we will deliver nothing less than perfect results to give you your money’s worth and more.

If you choose Steaming Sam to revitalise your floors, we guarantee to:

  • Not only clean your floors, but also restore and repair any unsightly damages that ruin the beauty of your floors. 
  • Extend the life of your floors and make them more durable to future damages.
  • Give you significantly cleaner, brighter and more beautiful floors.
  • Remove the dirt and grit that your normal household products can’t, and take care of problems only professionals can do.
  • Work fast and with minimal disruption so you can go about your business and day-to-day activities as though we were never there.
  • Provide you with a complementary maintenance kit that will help you maintain the beautiful condition of your newly refurbished floors.
  • Check that you are 100% happy with our service before we leave your establishment.
  • Be your trusted cleaning expert moving forward! Feel free to give us a call any time for professional cleaning advice.
CALL US NOW ON 01217336307

How do we clean your hotel, bar and restaurant floors?

We at Steaming Sam take the following steps to make sure your floors are cleaned to the highest professional standard:

  1. Pre-test your floors to ensure a high standard of cleaning.
  2. Dry vacuum your floors.
  3. Strip your floors of all of the old sealant.
  4. Apply our specially-formulated cleaning product formulated specifically for commercial floors.
  5. Agitate the product using our oscillating floor machine which will be able to get into all the nooks and crannies, leaving every inch of your floors spotless.
  6. Extract any excess or residual cleaning product.
  7. Leave your floors in a healthy condition by applying our neutral pH cleaner.
  8. Give you a rapid dry using air movement.
  9. Dry vacuum your floors again.
  10. Finish up and make your floors look brand new by applying multiple coats of co-polymer floor finish.

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Areas That We Offer Our Expert Cleaning Services

The Steaming Sam Floor Cleaning Team cover a wide area of West Midlands including:

Birmingham, Solihull, Dorridge, Knowle, Sutton Coldfield, Edgbaston, Moseley, Kings Heath, Harborne, Hall Green, Shirley, Alcester

…and a wide area of Warwickshire including:

Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, Balsall Common, Coventry, Banbury, Daventry, Henley In Arden, Stratford Upon Avon, Southam, Rugby

Can’t see your hometown? Give us a call, we might cover your area or know a trusted cleaning expert that does.

We are proud to be professionally trained by The TileMaster. We also exclusively use their cleaning products and equipment for outstanding cleaning results every time.

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